Aramid to Silicone Rubber VMQ Bonding

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Now in development is a new water based primer for aramid to silicone rubber bonding. The new bonding system is designed specially for meta-aramid (for example, DuPont’s Nomex) and peroxide cured silicone rubber (VMQ).

The Compotex solvent free PS priming system provides excellent bonding for VMQ to Polyester and Glass fibre. It gives only a reasonable bond to Aramid fibre, hence the desire to develop an improved primer for this high strength high performance textile.

Compotex provides bonding solutions for fabrics to rubber. With RFL dipping, and our PS and PN range, we offer a range of solvent free bonding systems that removes the need for solvents for most customers.

The development of an improved bonding system for Aramid to Silicone Rubber will add to our range.

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