New Breakthrough with Chloroprene RFL

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In the last week, we have made big progress in our laboratory developing new and better RFL systems for Chloroprene Rubber adhesion. While this is early days in the development process, we are confident that the new formulations will give additional adhesion for those high performance dynamic applications where adhesion is critical.

The next stage in our development process will be extensive laboratory and production trials to prove the chemistry works more generally and with which rubber compounds.

Since Techtextil 2013 in Frankfurt, Compotex have made it a priority to develop new RFL systems, and to demonstrate that we are indeed world leaders in fabric to rubber bonding.

The Compotex standard RFL systems are based on Natural / SBR, Chloroprene (Neoprene) and Nitrile rubber. The fabrics are usually nylon (polyamide), but we work quite extensively with other yarn types with specific customers on specific projects.

Compotex is a ISO9001 company

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