RFL for Rubber to Glass fabric adhesion – replacing solvents

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Compotex is a solvent free company. We know that there are still some adhesion systems that can only work with solvents, and water-based alternatives are not available.

But that doesn’t stop us trying out new chemical systems and mixes, to try to replace solvents whenever we can. We have taken RFL dipping technology and applied it to new fabrics like glass.

Compotex now offers a wide range of water based long shelf life products for adhesion of glass fabrics to many of the well used rubber polymers – for example NR/SBR, CR (Neoprene) and NBR (Nitrile), and of course Silicone Rubber.

For lab samples for testing, contact us! We also offer production trials of small quantities of fabric for a small price.

Composite Textiles is a ISO9001 company.

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