New Year! New RFL Development

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With the Christmas break behind us, Composite Textiles gets back to the laboratory table for more development on RFL and other chemical systems.

During 2015, Compotex extended the range of RFL systems beyond the traditional nylon and activated polyester fabrics bonding to NR / SBR (Natural Rubber), CR (Neoprene) and NBR (Nitrile).

We have had some successes with new bonding formulas that extends the range for Silicone Rubber (VMQ) and for high performance fabrics – for example para and meta aramid (branded as Kevlar and Nomex by DuPont), Vectran, Glass and Silica.

These developments will continue in 2016.

Compotex continues to be a company that aims to be at the forefront of new technology and chemistry, and particularly in developing ways to replace solvents within the rubber industry.

Composite Textiles is a ISO9001 company.

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