Case Studies

Below are three case studies to illustrate how Compotex can help with your bonding requirements. Click on any of the titles for more information.

RFL Development

A global company approached us because their existing RFL dipped fabric was not giving good enough adhesion for their product specification.

They sent us a couple of metres of their loomstate fabric. We did a range of lab samples and sent them back. They tested the adhesion with their rubber and when some of the samples gave excellent adhesion, we agreed a specification for a production trial.

The customer sent two small rolls of fabric and these were RFL dipped to the agreed specifications. Samples were cut and sent back for adhesion testing. The results matched the lab results, the production was signed off, and the rolls were shipped back to the customer for their production.

Fire Retardant Treatments

We had a routine meeting with an international company and during the discussion we talked about new fire retardant treatments and the chemical regulatory problems for some existing FR specifications.

We put together a range of lab samples using different FR treatments, also supplying the chemical information. Our customer tested and assessed the different options, and decided on one FR treatment for further tests.

We then received a few rolls of different fabrics, which we dipped in the agreed FR. The customer is now able to make production length pieces, and to test them comprehensively. We anticipate this process might take between one and two years due to the complexity of the supply chain.

Aramid for Silicone Rubber

A European company came to us to help develop an adhesion system for a new product they were designing.

We had a meeting to discuss the fabric type and specification that might be suitable, and we agreed for a meta-aramid fabric.

Having sourced the fabric, we did a small production run with our standard silane dip, and supplied the small roll of fabric for testing.

Our customer was able to move forward with their prototype development without any delays and at low cost.

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