RFL Dipped Fabric

Our standard range of RFL dipped fabric bonds to Natural/ SBR, Chloroprene (Neoprene) and Nitrile Rubber.

Unusually for the industry, we have many different formulations of RFL dip. Every customer’s requirements are different, and we like to specify our dip to what is best for the customer and not what is easiest for us.

Compotex RFL dips work well with polyamide (nylon), activated polyester and cotton fabrics. We also use RFL dips as a second treatment for glass, aramid and vectran fabrics.

We offer to add colour (for example black) to fit in with our customers’ needs.

We also offer a range of fire retardant RFL dips which give the fabric full FR characteristics. This is increasingly important as FR specifications become more rigorous.

Our normal fabric width for RFL dipped fabric is up to 1750 mm.

Customers can request a production trial service of lengths of fabric from about 10 metres.

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