Tape Dipping

Tape Dipping

For narrow woven tapes and braided fabrics, we offer dipping with our full range of chemical treatments

Compotex offers customers the special service of dipping narrow tapes and braids. Widths are often in the range 50mm to 250mm.

This technology fills an exciting gap in the market. Normally narrow fabrics or braids are used without treatment. And where a treatment is needed, standard width fabrics are slit down to the right width. The Compotex capability means that narrow woven tapes can be processed, as can braids.

For narrow woven tapes, the big difference is the edge of the fabric. No longer is there a weak point in the fabric at the edge, there is no fraying and the chemical treatment has no failure point where it is cut.

This machine technology is applicable for many of the Compotex treatments – both for rubber adhesion and for heat protection.

For braids, only dips that are not sticky can be used. This is particularly useful for glass and silica braids which require a higher temperature rating after dipping in vermiculite, silica or graphite treatments.

With this customer specific technology, we recommend trials for all these specialist development projects.

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