Narrow fabrics for rubber adhesion

Our dipping machinery can process tapes and narrow fabrics

Narrow fabrics for rubber adhesion

For some specialist applications, narrow fabrics or tapes need to be used as the reinforcement for rubber straps, tapes or belts.

The big difference is the edge of the fabric. No longer is there a weak point in the fabric at the edge, there is no fraying and the chemical treatment has no failure point where it is cut.

Tradition fabric processing cannot run narrow tapes or fabrics. But Compotex can. Widths start from 50mm and have no maximum width. Fabrics in the range 100 – 200mm are standard.
The tapes and narrow fabrics can be dipped in a wide range of chemicals. For example, for adhesion to NR/SBR, CR or NBR fabrics as standard RFL formulations and to peroxide curing systems for peroxide silicone and peroxide EPDM.

With tapes and narrow fabrics, the construction and handle of the fabrics is important, and we recommend trials for all these specialist development projects.

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We have developed proven bonding technology for vectran to rubber. Vectran is mostly used with the sulphur curing rubbers, Natural Rubber, SBR, Neoprene and Nitrile.

Narrow fabrics for rubber adhesion

Narrow fabrics for rubber adhesion Example

With tape and braid processing needing specialist machinery, a customer approached us to gain technical approval for a range of dipped narrow fabrics.

We considered the fabric options and the processing and technical challenges. The first samples were done to agree the chemical specification needed for the application. Once this had been approved, a longer production trial was planned to see how the narrow fabrics ran through the machine and the tolerances and specifications needed by the customer.

This process took more than one trial, as narrow fabric processing requires a production specification written especially for the customer. Once this was done, Compotex and the customer approved all the detailed specifications and production took over the orders.